FPA face paints Australia Combo 50gr Edging Cake Fire Opal By Sarah Asker

€ 16,30

Ingenious idea by Sarah Asker - Say Hello to The EDGING CAKE!!

These BRAND NEW Edging Cakes are designed to be used with smaller angle or flat brushes! Use these cakes for your line work instead of a boring old single colour round brush! Use them for adding accents and extra blingy bits. Take your designs to the next level with these mini adjustable onestrokes. 

Fire Opal Edging Cake

  • Essential Lemon Chiffon
  • Essential Mint
  • Essential Deep Ocean
  • Essential Stormy
  • Essential Black
  • Essential Mid Blue
  • Essential Purple
  • Neon Magenta
  • Neon Yellow 
  • Essential White


I’m Sarah Asker from Melbourne, Australia.  I came from a creative background in the clothing industry to start Cheeky Button Face & Body Art in 2011.

I’ve immersed myself in the wonderful world of face painting and henna art, indulging my passion for colour, flow and fine detail. I’ve also indulged in my other passion - for efficiency, precision and innovation.

I love colour. Bold colour, delicate colour, all of the colours! I also like to use them all at once!!

I tend to use smaller angled brushes for lots of my line work but most normal onestrokes colours were too wide and only gave me two colours on my brush at a time.  I was also sick of having to pick up so many different onestrokes at once so I decided to combine them all in one cake using thinner strips of colour. This gave me more dynamic results for my linework, more interesting designs and a more efficient work flow. Thus the birth of the edging cake!