Bolt fresh petal brush

€ 9,00

BOLT | Face Painting Brushes | Diamond Collection - Fresh Petal Brush

What are the dimensions of the Fresh Petal Brush?
This brush is approximately 17.46 cm long from tip to end. The base of the bristles is roughly 1.11 cm in width, and the bristles themselves measure 1.27 cm in length. The handles are approximately 12 cm long.

    What is the primary use of the Flower/Petal brush?
    The Bolt face painting FRESH PETAL brush excels at creating small to medium petals, with the outcome varying based on the pressure applied to the bristles. Its domed shape and sharp tip make it particularly effective for working with rainbow cakes or double/triple loading in solid colours from the tip to the base. Bolt brushes are characterized by a pleasing bounce to them.