FPA face paints Australia Combo 50gr Aurora Portrait By Kristin Olsson

€ 16,30


"I fell in love with FPA the very first time I tried them. They have such a wonderful collection of colours that are just beautiful to work with! I was truly honoured when I was asked to collaborate with them, and I am so excited to finally present my very first collection of colours...When I worked on my collection I did not just want to create beautiful colour combinations - I also wanted to add another element to them to make them even more practical to use. Our little face painting models often have small faces and out on gigs I found that I would often be left a little frustrated that I wasn’t able to load my small sponge with all the beautiful colours on my cakes.  So I thought, why not change the direction of the paint so that a small butterfly sponge could fit just perfectly? And not only does it fit perfectly - the size also means your cake will wear down more evenly."

- Kristin Olsson


A favourite for professional face & body artists worldwide! FPA is a highly pigmented, water-based, vegan-friendly, Australian owned face & body paint available in Essential, Metallix and Neon ranges. 

Internationally acclaimed artists Dutch BiharyJenny SaundersKristin OlssonLynne JamiesonNick WolfeSally-Ann Lynch and Sarah Asker all love to paint and create with Face Paints Australia.